H!Market Film Premiere | Curtains Unveiled, Stories On Stage

The veils of light and shadow reopen, and the silver screen finally unites with the dreamscape. As audiences reenter cinemas, our film industry will reinvent itself. 

Hainan Island International Film Festival is dedicated to discovering its positioning while presenting a visual feast of cinematic wonders to the audiences. Given the favorable free trade port policies, the festival will continue to uncover new possibilities and leverage more international communication through the windows of the cinema. 

In support of the film industry, the Hainan Island International Film festival is constructing a brand-new platform that reaches the end of the sector and directly extends to audiences. For those films ready for their theatrical releases and general audiences, HIIFF is proudly launching H!Market Film Premiere. Through premieres ceremonies, advance screenings, and press conferences, these new films will enjoy a celebrated debut. 

H!Market Film Premiere hopes to provide a bridge of connection across film producers, promotors and distributors, cinemas and movie theaters, and audiences. The section is poised to be an adequate professional ground of film promotions, offering resource aggregation, efficient communication, and joint promotion. 

The film festival platform enables the most useful promotion for quality cinematic releases, directly reaching the end of the industry and facing the audiences. 

  • Platform

Hainan Island International Film Festival, under the guidance of China Film Administration, and co-hosted by China Media Group and People’s Government of Hainan Province, offers an unparalleled cinematic platform. 

Many films that achieved their head start at HIIFF have made considerable progress. 

Seeing Nara Again is an award-winning project that received multiple accolades from H!Action Project Market in December 2019. The film was later successfully premiered on the 31st of July 2020. A First Farewell is a film that won the title of Best Director from 2019 Golden Coconut Awards. It opened in domestic theaters on the first day of cinemas reopening in China, receiving positive acclaims, and aced the daily gross box-office performance.

H!Market Film Premiere section allows new films to screen alongside all other films from our competition sections during the main festival, sharing moments of cinematic joy with our audiences. 

  • Exposure

News from the Hainan Island International Film Festival attracts a massive amount of media attention every year. For the past festival iterations, various media outlets have provided coverage and reportage from multiple angles. Some of these media include People’s Daily, CCTV, and Hainan local media, integrated platforms such as Sina, Tencent, NetEase, ByteDance, film-specific media like DeepFocus and DirectTube, and international media including The Hollywood Reporter and Variety. 

More than three thousand well-known domestic and international filmmakers have graced the two Hainan Island International Film Festivals. The appearances of superstars such as Jackie Chan, Johnny Depp, Ethan Hawke, and Isabel Huppert have also brought more focused attention to the film festival. 

As of today, HIIFF has achieved 21.3 billion cumulative communication-level contacts, and its media communication value has exceeded 6 billion Chinese Yuan. 

Hainan Island International hopes to utilize H!Market Film Premiere to provide massive influxes of exposure for upcoming films, enabling their spectacular debuts. 

  • Joint Promotion

In addition to targeted exposure, the crews and core creators of films showing in the H!Market Film Premiere section will also be able to participate in other parts of HIIFF, including the opening and closing ceremonies, red carpet events, industrial dialogues, and others. Through the opportunity of the film festival, a wide range of professional guests will gather in Sanya in December and engage in enriching in-depth discussions and meaningful interpersonal communications. 

We hope that film companies will find new sparks of opportunities across different film festival sections, and with industry guests participating in our various activities. 

  • Policy

Since the announcement of the Hainan free trade port establishment, Hainan Provincial Government has placed great emphasis on the cultural industry and delivered a series of policies favoring the film and television industry. For all fellow industry professionals, it would be worthwhile to continue watching out for relevant Hainan-specific film and television industrial policies and news. 

Hainan Island International Film Festival sincerely invites film producers, promoters, and distributors to join H!Market Film Premiere. Unveiling the curtains together, let us bring good stories to the center stage.

Information about H!Market Film Premiere:

Call for Film Eligibility: Films slated for theatrical releases after December 2020 are eligible for H!Market Film Premiere. 

Call for Film Dates: 2020.08.10 – 2020.11.20

Event Schedule: December 2020

Event Formats: Film Premieres, Advance Screenings, Film Release Press Conferences

Email: market@hiiff.com.cn

Phone: 010-65211605

Website: www.hiiff.com.cn

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